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Math Workshop: Complete Mathness!

October 10 was one of my favorite dates of the year 2014. I was invited to my own Alma Mater: The Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan to give a workshop on mathematics motivation. This was my first workshop and a very special one indeed. I got the chance to go back to the Raina Auditorium.

Raina Auditorium Apslogo_new

Never have I felt so many emotions together: nervousness, excitement, nostalgia, happiness, anxiety and that weird funny thing in the stomach.
I had prepared a power point presentation with really cool sides and lot of fun references like Big Bang theory, Bart Simpson, Video Games, Crime shows etc to make it interactive.


They all were ready to be math rockstars!


a lot “Oooo’s” came on seeing Benedict Cumberbatch on screen !


Video games! This interested them the most

Mathematics is definitely a beautiful subject but you don’t hear that from much people, why?

Because people are afraid of mathematics!
Again, why?
This was the main question which had to be addressed. And I did. I made them go back to their junior classes when math was not that bad. So when and more importantly, how it became so scary? There was a reason. I will write about that in full detail in another blog soon.


A large number of students are very afraid of mathematics. So my main challenge was to make them listen to me and the best way to do that was to make them laugh.
I definitely had tried to keep my workshop an interactive one, lot of questions, lot of experiences shared but I made sure I could make them laugh in between because that was when they realized that I have been one of them. I probably still I am.


Math bringing laughter! 🙂


In the end, the workshop went well, they enjoyed a lot and so did I. I am yet to learn more, but this was one of the best opportunities till now in my life and I have to thank my very own mathematics teacher Mahajan Ma’am for giving me that. There are some people in my life that made me fall in love with this subject. She is definitely one of those.


Mahajan Ma’am 🙂


A token of thanks gifted to me 😀20150107_203359


I will write about the main content of the workshop soon in the next blog soon. 🙂
That is it from me.
Go Mathness!


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