A Mathematical Affair

What an amazingly beautiful subject it is and it keeps getting more beautiful when you get the chance to explore it deeply.
I have just completed my bachelors with honors in mathematics. Like any average student, I was not the biggest fan of working with a few topics but on the whole I have enjoyed these 3 years. And mind it, that enjoyment is not related to the grades, exams or tests; it is related to the time I have spent with this subject.

Mathematics is neither about earning degrees in it nor scoring a cent percent all the time. For me it was never about the fear, instead it was about that moment- that extraordinary moment which one experiences after understanding a theorem, getting the hang of group theory after endless attempts, proving the existence of a limit and understanding the story of epsilon-delta, solving a challenging differential equation, studying the friendly calculus and be amazed at the amount of real life applications this subject has (I loved the modeling course we had in our 2nd year).

My workplace! :D  p.s. this is not me studying, just for the photo you know! *wink*  p.p.s i tried clicking without the fake books open, this looked better! tee hee :D

My workplace! 😀
p.s. This is not me studying, just for the photo you know! *wink*
p.p.s I tried clicking without the fake books open, this looked better! tee hee 😀

Anyway, I am writing this as an introductory blog. I will write about some good interesting applications of mathematics from my next blog but here I am just going to sing about how much I love this subject!

“What science can there be more noble, more excellent, more useful for men (women as well!!), more admirably high and demonstrative, than this of mathematics?”
— Benjamin Franklin

Satyavachan! I have argued with so many people on this! A lot of people (including some of my close friends) think there is no application of mathematics. Well people:

“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

       ~Dean Schlicter”
Mathematics is everywhere! It is in the things you see around you, thing you can touch, thing you cannot touch, emotions you feel ; Love, hate, happiness.
Almost every human has a tendency to optimize. Usually we always take the step/action which gives us the maximum happiness or maximum satisfaction. We optimize every moment of our life and we should! We should always make the best possible decisions to make ourselves happy because:

Khush khush raho! :D

Khush khush raho! 😀

I love Audrey Hepburn and I love mathematics. I love quotes (so I will put loads of them in my blogs, ignore them if you feel they are too blah :-P)
Anyway time to sign out!

So keep your lips curved upward concaved!




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